Allure Equinox Circle Lens

FDA Approved Circle Lenses available from Canada and US based Contact Lens sellers.

Want the circle lens effect but have safety concerns and unsure about ordering from an overseas website and contact lens maker?  Allure Equinox by Marietta may be a good safe alternative to circle lenses or first purchase into the Circle Lense fashion style.  Allure lenses are clear prescription contact lenses that have a black limbal ring to enhance your eyes.  The black ring on these Equinox contacts enhances the natural color of your eyes and makes them seem larger.  It's like eye liner or makeup for your eyes.  Equinox contact lenses, like many new style lenses are made with gel-edge technology and provide greater comfort.  Like many extended wear contacts these lenses are approved to wear for 3 to 6 months.

Allure contacts make your eyes pop and provide extra definition and provide the circle lenses look without actually being larger than normal lenses.  This is why these lenses can be sold by US and Canada based contact lens websites and what makes them able to be an FDA approved circle lens.  Use this link below and buy these safe circle lenses for as little as 19.99 each.  They are a great healthy alternative for anyone leery of circle lenses made in Korea or elsewhere in Asia.

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